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Delving Deep with Mini Beasts

These past 3 weeks have been encompassed with bad weather and grumpy kiddos. As we try to settle into a routine, the weather just won’t cool down.

According to our “Exploring Nature with Children” curriculum we were supposed to focus on mini beasts one week and then leaves the next. My kiddos were so intrigued about mini beasts that we ended up focusing on them for two weeks. Since I’m a big believer in child led learning, I didn’t mind. Plus leaves have yet to fall off trees due to a delayed Autumn this year.

We focused on the bees, spiders, and ants.

We learned about all three from this book: “Wings, Stings, and Wriggly Things.” If you want just one book about mini- beasts, get this one. It has beautiful natural illustrations, and little facts for the younger age group and more in depth facts for the elders. It’s enticing and alluring on multi age levels. My kiddos picked up this book way too many times.

We went with the bee theme to do our math word stories and pattern practice.

And for art, my shark chose spiders!

The reason we also focused on those three mini beasts was because they are mentioned in the Quran. We listened to the ayas from the Quran where they are mentioned and played a game. The game was to point out when you heard the word spider, ant, or bee in Arabic in the aya. I loved how giggly my kiddos would get when they listened to the aya so many times that they would know the word is coming up and are excited about the anticipation.

We read the famous story about the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and the spider written by Razana Noor, “The Wonderous Web”. We also went on a hike and searched for webs, spiders, ants, and other mini beasts!


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